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Oil leak???


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Jan 26, 2001
Asheville, NC
1973 converted to 1980 custom convertible
While looking around I finally found what appears to be my oil leak. Not really a leak but a little film of oil on the side of the block. It looks to be coming from the head gasket. I could see just a little oil there and the side of the block has a wet look. No drips on the ground or oil consumption. Is it possible for oil to leak from the gasket? I'm not seeing any coolant in my oil when I change it or loosing any coolant that I'm aware of. What a pain in the a@%.



I would put my money on a slow once in a while leak coming from the valve cover and pooling in that spot between the head and the block. That seems to be a catch all spot for fluids to drip and park for a while before migrating to the ground.

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