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Oil Pressure Gage



I have a 94' LT1 with less than 25K miles that I mostly drive on the weekends. For about the last three or four months my oil pressure gage indicates very high pressure a majority of the time. Sometimes it is pegged out! Most of the time it reads 80 PSI (end of the gage). It will drop slightly during idle and after the oil has reached normal operating temperature. The lowest it ever reads is half way on the gage (approx 40 PSI) when the oil temp is above 200 F and at idle. It has not always been this high. Could this be electrical or might I have a restriction in the engine?
it is very common for the sending unit to go out of range.

sometimes a simple test is to look at the oil pressure while the engine is not running and the key is on.
you should have 0 pressure. any reading above that suggests a bad sender.
Thanks, bot it reads 0 with the key in the "on" position.

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