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Oil Pressure Question


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Aug 17, 2001
Ocala, Florida
1996 Black Convertible
I'm new to the world of corvettes. I have had mine about 3 weeks now. It's a '96 convertible with AT.

My question is, today while driving it I notice my oil pressure gauge stays about 1 line above the middle while doing 45 to 55 or so. When I slow down to 30 ish or come to a stop the pressure gauge drops to about 1 line below the middle marking. If I rev up the engine the pressure goes back up. Is this normal or should I expect a problem in the miles ahead?

Thanks Gang

Jim from Ocala Florida
Jim, Congratulations on your new Vette :J . As far as your oil pressure, while I am no C4 specialist, I don't see where that is a problem. I would think that while the engine is running slower so would your oil pump be running slower......I know with the older cars some times a drop of 10lbs or more seems normal.......Maybe somone else will post with more info.........Steve
That would be normal on my92. About 60lbs when you first start it and its cold. About 40lbs crusing down the road. Down to almost 20lbs sitting at idle at a light when warmed up. As soon as you touch the throttle it springs right back up to about 40lbs.
The idle speed is pretty low, something like 650rpm. So the pressure drops. Check your oil temp too. Should be 210-230 after its good an warmed up. Mine usually sits around 210. Cooling sits around 194-197 until I have to stop at a light. Then it does what most Vettes do. Don't freak out when it starts climbing. The fans will come on sooner or later, 225 or so.
Have fun with your new ride :D
You will notice a slight fluctuation of oil pressure from idle or very low rpms to highway cruise speeds. Your oil pressure is within normal range.
This has been one of the biggest complaints about the last generation i/p in the C4. The gauges don't have numbers all along so it is hard to tell how much pressure, temp, etc.

What you have sounds normal.

Here is a little piece of good news for you. The fuel pump relay will only engage while the engine is running as long as it detects a minimum amount of oil pressure. On the LT-1 engine, even a momentery drop in fuel pressure will cause the engine to stall.

So, even if the oil pan fell off, there is a good chance the motor would shut down before there is any serious damage.

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