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Oil Temperature Questions


Roy M

Took a 500+ mile trip the last few days in my 79 vette. On the highway, my oil temperature would run somewhere between 160 and 170 degrees. But when I got into slow heavy traffic, the temperature would jump up over 200 degrees, at one point where did not move any distance for about 15 minutes, the temperature reached 227 degrees. This did not affect the performance of the motor any but it did put my nerves on edge. What can be done to stop this type of problem. I currently run 10W-40 dino oil, would going to a 20 weight oil help this problem.
Any thoughts or suggestions very much appreciated.


Not a problem

Hi there,
You really dont have a problem here, as conventional oil, depending on what kind you use, will not start to oxidize until about 300 degrees.
Synthetic will not start oxidizing until about 500 degrees.
If you were to add a 20 weight, your mileage may drop slightly, and it still would not help your situation.
I would say that you are fine, and enjoy the drive, c4c5
No problemo


Your oil temp should run in concert with your water temp to a certain point. A little up or down is OK. On my '81, the only time the oil temp rises up near 230-240 is when I'm running 80-90mph for any prolonged time. And as expected the water temp rises too. C4C5 is right... unless it started pegging on 300+ you should not be concerned.

Regards........ Nut

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