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Original tires for a 1978


John 1

I recently purchased a 1978 Silver Anniversary
corvette, with 20620 miles on it, that has been
stored for 8 years. I have it up and running but
have a question about the tires. It has the ORIGINAL GOOD YEAR G T RADIALS, GR 70-15 CUSTOM
GUARD FLEXIN 20692, on it now. I checked the tread with a
tread measures and 2 have 12 mm and the other 2 have 11 mm left on them. I have had them on the car for over a month and they have all stayed up and held the correct air pressure. They have some evidence of dry rotting, small cracks around the tire near the bead but other than that, they look great. My question is, would these tires be worth anything to someone who has a 78 and wants to put it all original? I want to run my car and am planning on replacing these tires. I didn't know if I should put these tires up for auction, or just dispose of them.


I wouldn't sell them, and I can sum it up in one word: liability.

Nobody should be driving on 24-year-old tires, and I wouldn't want to be responsible for anyone doing so!


Better take those tires off before it rains and you kill yourself. Maybe a Corvette museum could use them on a car that never gets driven!


keep em..

i would keep them for when (if) you ever sell the car, this could be a neat thing to have for someone who wants to show it more than anything...

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