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Parking Brake Shoe Adjustment



This is weird. I have both a Haynes manual and a 1969 GM service manual. When you go to the section that describes the procedure for adjusting the park brake shoes, the illustration shows a rotor/hub that looks nothing like the one on the '69. The illustration in both manuals show one large access hole, mine seems to have 5 small ones. Are these the access holes to adjust the brakes. If so, does anyone know where the adjustment ratchet is relative to the hands of a clock?? The illustrations show 6 o'clock but I couldn't see an adjuster there.

Emerg. Brake

I'm not sure about the '69 Corvette, but on an '81 it is about 5:30 to 6:00 and looks like the old brake type adjustment. You can use a screw driver to make the adjustment.. To tighten or get more ebrake, put the screw driver into the adjustment slot (wheel) at the top of the teeth then turn down moving the screw driver handle up. Hope this helps and makes sense.. Good Luck
Thanks 81, I'll give another shot. . . Does you're hub have 1 adjustment hole or 5 like mine?? Also, is it normal for the disk/hub to be a bear to turn with the wheel off??
Dave, Your rotor only has two adjusting holes the other holes is where the rivits has been removed from the spindle. Yes they are very hard to turn with the wheels off. This is due to the angle that the u-joints are in with the whhels off the ground,and hanging. When turning with a bar, or somthing like that, they will actually raise the trailing arm. If the two larger holes are not lined up with the holes in the spindle, you will need to take the caliper off and rotate the rotor to match the holes in the spindle. When you get the brakes adjusted, just snug the cable. All actual adjusting should be done with the brake adjusters, not the cable..........Hope this helps a little.......Steve
Thanks for you help guys. I did notice the two other holes but they were blocked. I guess they're the holes. . .

This forum sure is full of great resources!!!!

I'll say "thanks" also. I been trying to figure out how to adjust that myself. THANKS.

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