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Parking lights



Hey guys, I need to know what is the correct part number for the front parking lights on a 58. I have T1004 but they don't seem to work, no mater how I put them in. I have a good ground and voltage at the socket. I'm hoping I just have the wrong bulbs................Thanks.......Steve
park lamp bulbs

It's a 2 filament park and turn signal. The original number was 1034 (4 candlepower filament). The modern number is 1157. Or you can use the brighter 2157 bulb.

BTW The '58 to '60 brake lights never made a lot of light in the bright sun. I have seen diode lights that replace the standard bulb. These are very bright but don't make heat, which is a problem with a halogen or high candlepower bulb and a plastic lens. Something I plan on trying on the '59.

Duh, Ifeel so dumb

But, I'm not taking all the blame. ssvettjr, was giving me all this info without me actually looking at it(In his defense, he was going by what was in it, maybe that's why they didn't work before). He asked me what bulbs to use, and I automatically said "1157" but he said the post were straight across. Oh well, they work now..........Thanks Tom,,,,,,,,,,,You da man..........Steve
Kids.:( :L


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