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Hi Everyone, I'm curious as to what should be my next perf. upgrade.I've recently replaced my stock exhaust which I'm very happy with,but what opinions do you folks have as to whats next? All replies are greatly appreciated.My vette is a 92 LT1 with 69k. How do you get the smiles to appear??? I'm not very good with this computer stuff yet.
Hey Keith, Thanks for the quick response. No I did not add headers.I'm on a fixed budget (wife) I did gut my cats and eliminated the resonator then added Cherry Bomb vortex mufflers.I then had stainless 3" tips welded on. Keith I clicked on the forum rules smiles and got a chart when I choose from the chart it wont allow me to post one????? Those C-Bombs sound awesome!! John
Hi Everyone, I'm curious as to what should be my next perf. upgrade.I've recently replaced my stock exhaust which I'm very happy with,but what opinions do you folks have as to whats next? All replies are greatly appreciated.
What else have you done so far other than the exhaust system, and what system did you choose? (out of curiosity ;))

_ken :w
Hi Ken,So far all i've done is the exhaust. I gutted the cats and eliminated the resonator then added Cherry Bomb mufflers with stainless tips. Those Bombs sound awesome believe it or not!!! My spending is restricted(wife) The mufflers are known as "Vortex" -John
Ok, let's keep it simple (read: cheap, but effective). ;)

  1. Replace the stock air filter element with a high flow unit such as K&N.
  2. Open the stock air filter housing (or buy a replacement piece from one of the aftermarket supply houses).
  3. Relocate the air temperature sensor into the air cleaner duct and a truer source of air temp readings.
  4. Remove the screens and reduce the size of the fins in the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor so more air can pass. (That'll still limit you to around 700 cfm though.)
  5. Use the "air foils" you see advertised if you want, but they only do you any good at wide-open-throttle (WOT). Use the fifty bucks elsewhere IMHO.
  6. Get a recalibrated chip, but we're starting to get into some bigger bucks now.

That should give you fifty or sixty horsepower. ;)

_ken :w
Ken, this is my first vette and i'm not that great of a mechanic. First off where would you relocate the ATS ACD??? Next what does IMHO stand for? I've already decided on getting a chip. Suggestions? Thanks so much John
Thanks for the info.I'm also a greenhorn with this computer stuff _John
Just my opinion but I don't think those "mods" listed above will give you 20 horsepower. For starters I don't think the K&N filter will filter as well or give any horsepower gains at all.

The place to start is with the gears.

But my advice is to leave it stock and save up for a newer vette someday and meanwhile maintain that one in 100% condition with nice tires being #1.
k&n filters

i would like more imput on the k&n filters .. i see them on a few car shows on the dish network ....but haven't really gotten some real life imput ...thinking about putting them on my 86 but dont wanna waste my money. anything else needed to be done after adding more airflow ? adjustments or such?...thanks ...mike
Simple Mod's....

John & Mike, First Let me say Hello :w and welcome to the best corvette site, period, IMHO.

Now, Simply put, let me explain one simple fact to you. An internal combustion engine is nothing more than an air pump. The more air that you can move in, then out, translates into more horsepower. This rule applies to any manufacturer. K&N air filter will not only allow more air into your engine, it will also give your exhaust a different note, because there is more volumetric flow occuring. Like wise for the exhaust, which you, Stommer, have allready unrestricted. Simply putting a "Good" set of tires on a car will definitely enhance the safety of the vehicle, and in a small way, the performance, due to better traction, but it does nothing for improving the airflow. Airflow is the only thing which will boost HP, along with adding a little compresion. So, IMHO, tires won't give you the "SEAT of the PANTS" HP gain you are seeking.

I might add the fact that with the right intake, a cam and a set of heads, along with your exhaust mods, will not only net you the biggest horsepower gain, but it'll give you the greatest street engine that can be found today. :upthumbs

_ken :w
upgrade for your 92

currently im working on my new code 44 but you can get a adj. fuel press. regulator, 52mm TB, KN filter, and more, go to
Okay guys Here you go on K&N on all 6 of my vehicles in my days Ive run K&N SIMPLY because if your kind to them they can last you longer than your car by cleaning them and re oiling properly

The rate of airflow is double that of a normal filter and a 1/3 more than the Foam style filters

A good test (if your allowed) is to run a Air compressor hose at about 4-5 feet away and have a Zippo lighter on the other side

Its kind of crude but if your try it with all 3 filters youll see what Im getting at
Hate to sound like the priest of Ignition but try out a simple Ignition package!

Good spark will increase your fuel mileage and performance (about 10-15hp) Im not sure on Us dollar but you can get a complete package with Plugs,wires,coil,and controller for about 500 bucks here so I think thats like 300$ your money

It will go along quite nicely with your K&N open air unit, Computer upgrade and Exhaust for a grand total of 40-60Hp (not sure on the LT 1) thats a gain you notice big time!

Another thing though Im sure sure on vette but if you pull your CATS (Same as me) doesnt the O2 sensor register running lean? and increase the fuel mixture? I thought it did and thats why I did all the ignition work in the first place (or redid)
I've noticed that ever since I put the K&N on, the coolant temperature cools down much faster and usually runs at around 187 as compared with 190+ before.

The air foil's can be bought on eBay for $30, just do a search. $30 isn't too much for the perforamance that they claim, I only say claim because I don't have one yet, but they say almost 12 HP.

What about a bigger TB?

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