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Performance Upgrade

I also did the "basic" mods:

K&N with open lid,TB bypass, Hypertech chip with 160 Tstat. I would try to do all these at the same time to feel the biggest improvement. Doing just one will probably feel like a waste of time.

At this point I dyno'd (sp?) 279/314.

Now have also done Corsa cat back with punched cats....maybe long tubes would be the next mod.

NOS is the best bang for the buck if you don't mind refilling the juice!

If you are an auto with 2.59s, jumping to 3.55 or 3.73 should be a huge difference with the seat of the pants feel. You may have the (G92?) performance ratio with I believe 3.07s. If you have a manual with stock 3.45s, I guess you could jump to 4.10s? Keep us informed!
Do you feel a small difference?
Well, after yesterdays first drives with this change, I can honestly say it was a very worthwhile modification. The biggest difference came, not from a OMG performance feeling, but from the way the motor feels as it is breathing (ie: working easier). This was confirmed by the actual number increase on the "Inst. Fuel Mileage" indicator, it showed from 5-9 mpg increase on identical road routes/speeds. I was impressed by this, telling me the engine is working WAY better.... it equated to a 35 to 50 % increase in the gauge reading, Now, I know I probably wont get THAT much better fuel economy, but I am confident it will show a substantial increase.

I assume i am getting a SOTP increase, but that feeling may be coereced by my desire of wanting it. ;) :D .
All in All very pleased with my results..Thanks everyone for your help.:upthumbs

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