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Pic or demensions of Diff mount bushing?



I hope to pull the poly diff mount bushing soon and inspect it, the thinking is it may be throwing off the pinion angle and causing my funny humming under throttle. Anyway, I have some of the old one, I think, and a picture/drawing in a catalog, anyone happen to have a stock one near a digital camera, or perhaps some quick measurements? Thanks...
From what perspectives do you need/want the measurements?

I can snap a pic under my car this week, but can't guarantee you that it is in the most perfect location or not.
Well, honestly it's been almost a year since I laid eyes on the part in person. I remember where it is and that I have to drop the drive shaft to remove it. An overall top to bottem height would help, if you can snap a pic that would be good but if it's too hidden dont kill yourself trying. Thanks.. :)

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