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i have an '81 that is two tone silver and charcoal. there is a pinstriping around the center of the car that i need to replace. the striping is grey and light grey. does anyone know where i can order this from? apparently it's a decal or tape and not painted on. thanks for any help. i've looked on line and in alot of catalogs but can't find this colour combination.
Painted pin-stripes

If you can't find them in the Corvette Catalogs, I'd suggest having them painted on. When we had 78 repainted last year, the shop painted in the pin-stripes. I must say, the points look much better than stock!

Like 78SilvAnniv said I would have them painted in. Just make sure that they paint the pin-stripes on the put the clear coat on. This way you will not be able to feel or see the bulge from the stripes in the paint.
under clear coat

..I forgot about that!
Ours are painted onto the body color and the clear coats were the final layers over everything. I like not having ridges where the stripes are, this will make for longer wear as they won't have edges to catch on things.

Hi mga

I have a silver/charcoal 81 also. When I had it painted I watched as the body shop did the stripping separating the two colors. It's tape, mine was originally like yours, a dark gray and a lighter gray. I changed mine to a red on ligher red (saw a model in one of the corvette catalogs and liked it). The bottom piece of tape is about an inch thick and the top color is about 1/2 inch thick. You could probably clear coat over it if you wanted.

thanks for the replies all, but it came from the factory with the "decal" stripe and i would prefer to keep it that way if possible. i may have found one place that has them. thanks again.........

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