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Plug Wires


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Need some new ones - found one shorting out last night. Is there much difference in plug wires? What's a good brand?

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Like everyhing else you do for your car, it all depends on your application. If you buy all-out race wires, you'll get the best a company has to offer, but your radio and other electronics will suffer. You want something that has good RFI suppression and probably an 8mm wire, to carry that hot spark. Forget the stock wire looms, as most can only handle a 7mm. There are those made by Jacobs with ceramic wire ends, but expect to shell out $160 or more. If you want a lifetime warranty and free replacement, those are the ones. I'm running yellow Accels and they're okay. MSD is supposed to be good, so maybe I'll give them a shot. As long as it carries the fire, though, I'm happy. :)
Best spark plug wire in the business, as far as I'm concerned, is the MSD Super Conductor. It's a special design of plug wire that has very low resistance but very high supression.

I have them on all my performance cars, two Corvettes (71 and 95) and an old hot rod Malibu.

MSD has custom sets for virtually all Corvette engines including the LT5.

Thanks Bullitt and Hib. I think we'll go ahead and put in new plugs as well while I'm replacing the wires. Will probably go with RF#2.

Best regards,
72 Bluz
I'm with Hib on the wire choice ... I also like Accel 300+ 8.8 mm Racewires (pn's begin with digit 7) ... very similar RFI, design, performance & quality as MSD 8.5 mm SC's ... but available in gloss black only. Whatever brand/version ... skip solid core wires ... go for the helical/ spiral core designs.
I've been very pleased with the 8mm Accel Super Stock spiral wound wires on my 81. The covering is high temp silicone which is very important if you are running headers as I am.
The "hotter" your ignition the better wires you need. Some systems (electromotive) are so powerful that they will burn through any insulation if the wire comes in contact with grounded metal. A good wire loom and cap is critical and keep the #5 & #7 wires as far apart as possible.
Also a low resistance distributor cap "button" (available from MSD) helps to keep the spark where it belongs.
Showing my inexperience

Which one is 5 & 7? I've gotten Bosch 8MM wires and the recommended AC plugs (believe they are R44T or something like that). To my knowledge, the ignition system is stock. The coil looks like it's been replaced, simply because it's a different color, but it looks stock. Back when I was a young whippersnapper, I used Accel stuff on my 66 Mustang and 69 Roadrunner (don't shoot me, I have repented) and remember them being a different shape and a yellow color.

72 Bluz
I recently put on 8.5 MSD superconductors, I got the set for $60 because the box was opened, but nothing was even handled inside that I could see! The set listed for around $85 If I remember. When I wind the motor, I can hear a little whine in the radio, but nothing if just cruising!
I like the accel 8mm spirals

In red of course
5 & 7

72 Bluz:
Both sb & bb chevy cylinders are numbered as follows.
Driver side from Front-to-Rear: 1-3-5-7 ... and ... Passenger side from Front-to-Rear: 2-4-6-8. Most intake manifolds have 1/2"-high raised cylinder number cast in each runner near where it meets head ... readily visible. The Firing Order is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2.

Redmist's SO right ... due to the firing order & relative cam timing of 5 & 7, any crossfire between 5 & 7 can result in Detonation/MAJOR internal damage ... do make sure 5 & 7 wires NEVER come close enough to one another to permit 5's impulse to ignite 7 and vs. Your Bosch wires should be fine but do use proper wire separators / looms. Nothing wrong with that "old" ignition stuff ... Accel still makes the big fat ugly yellow Accel coil w/tan top (pn 140001) ... but finding a good place to mount one in shark's busy engine bay may be another matter. I tried it ... opted for stock-appearing MSD High-Vibration canister style coil (pn 8222). I think my Accel coil may've found a home under hood of another CACC member's Dart GT playtoy.
Thanks, Jack

I will double check the wires tonight when I get home.

72 Bluz

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