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Power Antenna Removal


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Nov 2, 2000
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I'm want to removed the power antenna, motor and all. I plan on putting a new antenna under the plastic peice that's under the hatch in the rear. Anyone else try this on a C4?

I've managed to worm my hand up into the rear of the car to check out the mounting of the antenna motor. It's rather tight. Is there an easy way to get the motor out or shoud I just pull the power and re-route the antenna cable and leave the motor?

Fender liner

Hi there,
Iwould recommend that you remove it, if only to maintain a clean appearance inside the fender.
Just remember, that you MUST have a good ground strap for your antenna to function at its best.
You can remove the inner fender well, and you will have alot better access to the antenna assembly.
Remember that good ground when you install the under deck antenna.
Besttoyou, c4c5
Re: Fender liner

c4c5specialist said:
Remember that good ground when you install the under deck antenna.

One of the toughest places on the car to find a good ground too. :(

_ken :w

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