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Power Antenna Repair '79 with AM/FM/CB Radio


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Jan 25, 2015
SE Missouri
1979 L82 Corvette Green
New (to me) '79 with some electrical problems. Found antenna as one of the problems in the fuse-removed courtesy circuit--it was constantly trying to go down and would not kick the down limit switch. Up worked fine--a couple times--then the cable broke. I'm guessing that the cable was stretching which is the reason the down limit switch wouldn't kick.

This antenna has one of the easy-to-open bodies with two bolts and a few spring clips. I've opened it up and everything seems to be in very good condition save that broken nylon cable.

My problem: all cable repair assemblies I find say "without CB".

Anyone been there--done that to find what (if any) problem with the cable repair kit?
I know there are repair kits for the cable out there...
I have one,just haven't had a chance to repair mine yet.

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