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Power Antenna Restoration

61 Silver

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Dec 27, 2001
Wyoming N.Y.
1961 270HP and 1963 340HP
I took apart my 65 power antenna only to find rust, dirt and a broken felxible coiled worm gear. Is there anyone that restores power antennas.
Thanks! Ray
Uh...yes there is but I can't find it in the Portal. I'll look it up when I get home. In fact I sold them a very nice looking and operating '65 power antenna several years ago. I guess I should have kept it for you. :L

Try Corvette Specialties of Maryland. They rebuild about everything electrical on the '67 and older Corvettes. (410) 795-3180, Fax (410) 795-3247, toll free order line 1-800-638-6450.

Also try Paragon Reproductions. www.corvette-paragon.com . Their vintage shop does restoration on components.

Thanks Tom,

I called Corvette Specialties and they do not restore antennas. I asked if there was any companies that repaired power antennas and they recommended OEM Glass Co. Their phone number is: 1-800-283-2122. The cost for restoration will be between $450.00 and $550.00 depending on the core antenna.

Thanks Ray
That's good to know. Keep us posted on how you come out.


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