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power antenna upgrade



hi all! man, I got no luck! you know the saying "if it wasn't for....." well anyway, i was trying to replace my "stuck in the upright position" power antenna on my 87- when i realized that the newer upgrade (89 style) didn't have the same bottom mounting bracket- so now I'm stuck in the middle of the replacement job-with no bracket-adapter plate - I juss dunno....sigh*-------can someone tell me where i can get the bracket/adapter for this antenna- i'm gonna try the dealers tom.------ thnx for any help all-----scott----- P.S. I still havent got the heat workin cant find that in-line fuse---- post thread---(help my heater isnt working)--thnx again
I think you will have your best luck contacting a Corvette recycler in your area. We have a couple near where I live and it makes it great for things like this. You might also be able to see it before they or you remove it from the doner car. That will help you figure out how to mod it as needed to fit the 87,

As far as the heater goes, I am stumped. Looks like you have covered the usual suspects.
Can't help you with the antenna problem but if you need the color schematics for the 87 heating system let me know via e-mail and I'll scan em for ya. If it's the manual type heating system it should be the same as my 85.
Hang in there;)
heater repair

thanx Carlo----I'll take any help i can get------my addy is ascotth@aol thnx again scott
I'll get em to you tonight when I get home.

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