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Power steering fluid leak!!



Been putting this off but the landlady is starting to frown on the power steering puddles in my carport..
The assembly looks like a recent conversion from manual and got overlubed!!
The leak is definitly comming from the steering gear cylinder area, exactly where, I dont know and I dont have a breakdown of that assembly. I guess it would come with the rebuild kit.
My question is, does anyone know of a temp fix until I have time to rebuild? regular ps stopleak doesnt even slow it!
Any feedback and info is appreciated..
Where is it leaking from? This system is known for leaking. Not sure of a temporary fix as usually it is a seal or hose that has failed. It you are lucky and its just a hose, simply replace the hose. If its from the powersteering pump, control valve or the cylinder, you will most likely have to rebuild yourself or better yet buy a rebuilt unit. I had leaks all over the place and installed rebuilt powersteering control valve and rebuilt the powersteering pump and cylinder myself. This is kind of an all or nothing project.


Tom check this out

here is a little THREAD from the past that may help too. :D

I thought so, theres no way around it, Ill get a complete rebuild kit from VB&P and do it all in one shot..being summer, Im driving,and dont want even one overnight downtime period..Bet this will take me a few days!!
Power steering leak

I just replaced my power steering pump about 2 weeks ago due to a slow leak. You can try Lucas Power Steering stop leak. Its about 7 bucks and is the best that I have found to Slooow the leak. If its a hose you can fix that in a few minutes, so I wouldn't even mess with stop leak. Mine was leaking from the pump and would drain down about half way in the pump resvoure and then stop, so I think it was the resvoire seal. I replaced the pump as it was making a mess. Its a fairly easy job but If yours is like mine you need to take the alt. off first as the pump is under it.
I would go to the powerwash car wash and clean the bottom of your car real good and get it as clean as possible. Use a can of engine cleaner on the pump and related steering parts, then powerwash it off. Do the entire bottom of the car while your at it. This way you can see for sure where its leaking at.
Try the lucas stop leak if you want but it still needs to be deal with. Its alot nicer working on something thats not dripping in power steering fluid.
The pumps seals and the hoses are ok..its down below, Its comming from the control valve, in my chiltons, they are calling it the steering gear cylinder?
Thanks for the cleaning up advice so I can really look closely when I get under there..
Tom.. I bet you

Tom I bet you can do that job in 5 hours :D

Just be sure to have the parts, and the pickle fork, single jack hammer and if all else fails a small propane torch, and a small fire ext.. You can do it, just remember the little train... "I Know I Can.. I Know I Can" (between hammer wacks).

I agree

Lucas' ps stop leak was the best product that I found. However, my leak was so bad, that it eventually needed to be filled every other day! This happened just before we moved, so I had everything replaced after we took 78 off the trailer. Pump, control valve, hoses and the cylinder. I also think this project, when not just a hose, is an all or none kind of fix. Rather spendy, but 6 months now with no problems.

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