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power steering


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Dec 19, 2000
1985 z51 coupe, 1969 green convertible
Great site, I already received great help.
Having a problem with my p/s. When I first got the car the p/s would cut out hot or cold. I replaced the belt tensioner, and belt. Now I have p/s when cold. When I drive the car around for a short distance, and when I come to a light if you try to make left or right turn the p/s cuts out for a second. The problem seems to get worse the more you drive. Anybody have any ideas. I don't know if its the rack, or p/s pump or if the pulley on the p/s pump is glazed.
Can't help ya greenstingray, I really didn't even notice when I replaced mine, or rather, I can't remember what the problem was that caused me to replace it in the first place. ;)

It is not uncommon for the rack and pinion to be replaced in the early C4s; it'll start moaning first (It's known as "morning sickness", but the symptom are usually the opposite from what you describe - moans and is stiff when cold.)

The other questions you raised should still be considered.

Good luck! :upthumbs
new direction for power steering

Hi Green Stingray,

Your ps problem certainly sounds like it would be easy to pinpoint, since it is behaving in such a peculiar manner. I have no experience in troubleshooting, but someone else here with more experience can point you in the right direction. It sounds like the problem will wind up being heat related in some way, since it appears fine when cold, but worsens as you drive.

My ps problems were due to losing ps fluid at the control valve. I wound up replacing the entire ps system about a month ago. I bought the parts from Ecklers and had it installed for $110. I do recall someone advising me to replace the entire system instead of single parts, and I haven't regreted it.

Greenstingray, I am hoping, that it is your PS pump. My 74 does the same thing and I have got a new pump for it, if I ever get time to put it on. One way to look at it is the pump is the least expensive.............:) ..........Steve

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