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I wanted to share this info with you all and if anyone has installed this gizmo wanted to know what they thought of it.
This is basically a pump spliced in between oil filter connection and the drain plug. By running this pump prior to strating the motor, you can pressurize the oiling system of a motor. Some claim that 50% or more of wear and tear occurs during the cold start.
As you all know, it takes a good 5 seconds for LT-5 oil pressure to register on the gauge.
Also for turbo charged cars, you can run this to ensure fresh oil to the turbo, even ofter turning off the motor and easy the heat soak problem.
One of the added bonus is quick and painless oil change.
I f any of you out there is using this, please post your feedback.



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Dec 6, 2000
Bradenton, FL
'90 ZR-1 #3010
Hmmm.......that's a pretty cool concept. I don't know where you'd mount that thing though. It's kind of bulky.



A friend used one

A buddy of mine in Texas had one mounted in a Monte Carlo. If you remote mount your oil filter the oil changes are really easy. No more laying on your back splashing dirty oil all over the shop floor. I did hear from an "expert" that main bearings do not benefit as much as they require rotational motion to distribute the oil....something about the bearings being "hydrodynamic" ??? But, it sure seems to me that it would be worth the investment. I plan to add one, with remote filter, and remote oil cooler to my '69. I am working on a mounting system to make the whole installation look sharp. I think that if you have the remote mounted oil filter, the whole plumbing issue is cleaned up, too. I have to look further into that.



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Sep 20, 2002
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92 CR1;04 C5; 91 Aerobody Vert (nonTT)
Engine Prelubers (re-visited)

This thread has been sleeping for a little over one year, so I thought it might be time to wake it up.

Many of us have cars that sit for extended periods between use. Extended non-use periods allow engine lubricants to move away from critical wear area; this cannot be good when the engine is started, especially with fuel injection motors that tend to start right up even after extended rest periods.

Below are several urls for home built or commercial electric engine prelubers that build oil pressure on bearing surfaces and valve gear before these "dry starts" and their unlubricated metal to metal contact. Several of these units/installations also have the slick feature of allowing you to electrically drain and change the crankcase oil without ever getting under the car (at least if you have a ZR1 with the top mounted oil filter).

Here are most interesting urls that I found with a few internet searches on the subject today:






The last url has some good photos and details on building one of these preluber units yourself. The dodgeram user above has some interesting comments on his long term usage (around 50K miles) on one of these units.

Do any CAC members have good or bad experiences to report with these devices?

With respect to the old mounting room comments in this thread, at least in my ZR1 (Callaway Aerobody), it looks like there might be enough room in the right nose area to mount the electric pump. Hopefully there is also enough space to plumb the system with hoses to the pan (oil supply) and to a plate under the ZR1's oil filter (for a filtered oil return from the pump).

I have an solenoid operated Accusump system in my 1973 Convertible. It is both slick and re-assuring to see that unit build oil pressure when you turn the ignition key on, prior to engaging the starter motor. I don't see any way to mount even a small Accusump unit on my ZR1, though. Has anyone done this on a non-race car?

Thanks for any comments/observations.


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