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Price increase on new ZO6


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Apr 3, 2003
2008 VR ZO6
They just announced the price increase on the new Z of over 3500. I wonder how this will affect the market?
Probably won't affect it much. :w
GM sees that most sales are for $5K+ over sticker so they say "lets get some of this excess money that these customers are willing to pay" in other words "we priced the ZO-6 too cheap".
Surprised to see so many for sale so soon !

Either they made a lot more then l am aware of or people realize they don't need that much hp to drive around town. With interest rates climbing and people concerned about their jobs it's going to be a tough sell if the dealers are going to add their vig!

While l love the vette there is a limit what l would spend on it.


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