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Sep 16, 2000
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Although I have not been able to confirm as of yet, word has it that 50th Anniversary Corvette Production will be limited to 10,000 units and each dealership will be able to get one if they want it.

The Indy 500 pace car graphics will be offered over the counter at GM parts departments.
Thanks for the info Rob. I guess if you want one you better act quickly or they will be gone.

Does anyone know when the pricing info for the 2003 50th is going to be released?
I was in the dealer's shop yesterday, getting the oil changed. To kill some time, I asked the Vette salesperson what they were getting for the 50th Anniv. Model. His answer was so vague that I thought he was running for office. So I pressed him until he broke.."I really don't know".

My guess is this: current BASE '02 sticker PRICE, no options (coupe, vert) + $3100. Again, just a guess base on the "02 options" which will be standard on the 50th Anniv. Model. The bulk of this increase due to the Selective Magnetic Ride Control - every 50th Anniv. has SMRC.
When I get back in the office I'll check on pricing .. I know I will be getting some.
I am told it will be a "Free Flow" option like it was in 1993. The car will by no means be made in "Collectible Numbers" Its an awful try at something special.
They will be going for $10,000 over MSRP in most areas .. I'm sure of that now :)
Corvette Junkie said:

Just why would you need to contact them? Is it that hard to believe that there are reputable dealers out there? :)

No, I could just refer clients to them :) We are getting a very limited quanity that's all.

Sorry to bug ya ..

A dealer up here in Canada just informed me that the asking price is 82 995.00 $ CAN. ....It is an option costing a little over 5 grand.................this is the convertible pace car.

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