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Question about header gaskets???


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Jan 26, 2001
Asheville, NC
1973 converted to 1980 custom convertible
One of my dynomax headers has leaked since the day I installed them. The leak is coming from the middle section on the passanger side. I suspect its warped just a tad. I'm using Mr. Gasket ultraseal gaskets with square ports. I spoke with Mr. Gasket tech support who suggested round shaped gasket ports for my headers. He said the gasket should match the shape of the header, not the head (which is more square). I ordered a new Mr. Gasket gasket made for o-ring headers per the tech support suggestion. Guess what, they are square but smaller in diameter for more surface area sealing. However, I'm concerned the small diameter opening will reduce exhaust flow. I could really use some advice on this. Not much info available on the net. I also need to consider that no gasket will seal my warped header flange. I may have to cut the flange to relax the bow. Still, I would like more info on the gasket stuff.



You definately don't want gasket material protruding into the opening of either the header or head. You should be able to trim the gasket slightly if this is a problem. It's possible that your leak may be the result of improper torqueing of the header bolts. When you bolt your headers back on, start tightening from the middle and work your way out toward both ends, equally. Torque to specification as you go, then return to the begining and re- torque again. use new bolts, and lubricate the threads with high temp lube so the torque values will be correct. If you still end up with a leak, you may have to remove the header completly to where you can get a straight edge on it to determine if it is warped. Yes, you should be able to straighten it with some heat, using a straight edge to guide you.

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