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Radio Malfunction


Triple Black 90

I have a Delco/Bose radio/cd/cassette in my 90 model. When I turn it on, I get ear splitting howl from right speaker. There is nothing (no noise, music, static) coming from any other speakers. Any ideas on where I start....is it in the speaker or do I need to be removing the radio and sending it somewhere?

Triple Black 90,

Sure sounds like a bad amp! It's a common problem with the 90 & 91 Bose Gold systems! First sign of trouble is a loud howl or squeal from the bad amp.

Try disconnecting the amp and speaker the howl is coming from, and then see if your radio works OK with the remaining 3 speakers. It's not common for the radio unit itself to fail.

I had to replace my RR amp a few years ago when it went completely dead.

You can get a new amp from Corvette Central fairly cheap compared to the GM price. My 90 ZR-1's RR amp was P/N 524060.

Here's a link to their Web site: http://www.corvettecentral.com/

The April issue of Corvette Fever has an article on your problem.Sounds like a speaker -amplifier problem.If you do'nt get Corvette Fever,it should be on the news stands shortly.Hope this is some help. Chuck B.T.W. Welcome to The Corvette Action Center!

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