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Ram Air System for C-5

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I just recently picked up the Feb 2002 Vette Magazine and on page 17 there is an ad for a Ram Air System from VaraRam Industries. It looks like a neet system, I was just wondering if anyone has this system on their car, and if so does it really produce as much horsepower as they advertise that it does. I was considering buying one if it is worth it, to put on my 2000 hardtop.


That system is being advertised but I have yet to hear anything about it on the net.

I would pass.
I have seen the same system, but I have not heard anything about it either. I hear that many of the other systems work, so why wouldn't this one.

Dustin- It seems this system will work well. It claims to have water deflectors to prevent hydro-lock, but i would still worry in deep puddles. Until it is installed & some one does some comparitive dyno testing, we wont know for sure. I like the system, plus I don't drive in the rain. Time will tell if the extra money will get the corresponding xtra horsepower! I have the vortex ram air & i love it. The vararam costs twice as much, but does it make twice as much horsepower? We'll see- SCOTT
I bought the Vararam system , it looks like a system that G.M. should of design into the Corvette from the factory . There is alot of removal of parts from the car before installation can begin , installing the air ducts on to the front bumper is a pain ,after that it is all down hill , I have about a 1 1/2 hours for the install another 1/2 hour in clean up , sweat , blood from the back of my hands and tool clean up .
I would have to say I feel torque improvement and it's alittle louder on hard take off's but sounds very muscular , 60'ish . I will have some 0-60 times and 1/4 e.t's posted after this week end . My stock best is 0-60 4.52 sec high 4.7 sec and 13.28 @107.9 . I hope this new system does what they say it will do .
Thanks ,
Hi 02c5 Do you have any other mods besides this system ?
The o1's and 02 corvettes with ls6 manifolds and other updates are great still that performance you are achieving is awesome.

I look foward to your improved performance numbers with this system ..

Congratulations on the installation and thanks for letting us know what time frame to expect as well.

Your doing this forum a great service and although I won't change out from one type of system to another...I sure do enjoy reading about your impressions.


I may have missed something in the translation, but how does one get an accurate dyno comparison between one that has a VaraRam, and one that doesn't. Since the operation of any ram system is accomplished by movement of the vehicle to produce the ram effect, and since the vehicle doesn't move on a dyno to produce airflow for the ram effect, I think the performance numbers advertised is nothing but an educated guess by the design engineers, not hard numbers. Am I missing something here? Maybe wind tunnel testing? That's really expensive getting a dyno and wind tunnel large enough to hold a vehicle in the same place at the same time. There aren't that many wind tunnels that have that capacity.
I'm not saying that the product doesn't give some improvement, just questioning how the numbers are derived.
BTW, I didn't see the article in Vette MAg, so maybe that's why I have so many questions.
Vara-Ram Induction


There was no article in the mag., just an advertisment

See there website at http://www.vararam.com/
for more info and pictures.
The idea looks good to me, If I had a C5, I would consider this system.

See Ya,
This is my only mod . There is no Dyno rating , just E.T. improvement , I think they figure the H.P. rating by the E.T. with a math formula . I was told that max H.P. increase would be between 60 & 100 mph . I think for sure you would get the same increase as the rammer air system , K&N or other from idle to 60 mph . I did not want a big hole hole in the radiator shroud and it would not actually be ramming air in the air intake becauase the air is mainly going through the radiator as what is was design to do . I think putting any open filter system will give you better performance , I wanted it open to fresh air . I did a lot of research tring to find out what works the best , I won't do a MAF or throttle body or exhaust , maybe an air bridge or tube , spark plugs and wires and oil changes is all I plan on doing .
Thanks ,
Crank and Chrome did an K&N Filter system which includes the air bridge and gain 22 H.P. on the dyno , so I would think I would have that much with a bonus of ram air .
I'll be looking forward to seeing your ET'S from this weekend .
The HP increase at 60 - 100 MPH sounds about right. I would think the vehicle would have to be doing about 60 MPH to get a real benifit from the air being forced into the ductwork. The cooler outside ambient air was a given that always works. i would also think that the real benifit would be at WOT or close to it, otherwise the extra air isn't going past the throttle body, just stacking up on the outside of the throttle plate with no place to go.
Vararam Industries

I've seen the advertisement online. It looks like the design of it is as good as one could be. I was thinking of purchasing it myself, ofcourse with a few extra mods.
1. K&N
2. New smoother ductwork
3. Mass Air Flow Sensor 1000 CFM (not a heat sink)
4. New Throttlebody, 1000 CFM w/Coolant By-pass
5. LS6 Intake ($400.00 what a deal!)
6. Adjustible Fuel Pressure Regulator & New Fuel Injectors
7. Nology Wires
8. Bosch Platinum Plus 4 Plugs w/more powerful Coil
9. Recalibrated Computer Program
10. New Exhaust & Headers
11. Ported Heads
12. Get a divorce...................ha ha ha!

It's just one big snowball that goes on and on. I just blew $6500.00 thinking about it, and haven't even touched the suspension or brakes. Oh $4!t, I forgot "The Ripper" lol.......
I would like to see the dino results on the Vararam system as well. It will be interesting to see if the claims of 35 hp are true.
The system looks fantastic. How much did you have to shell out for the ram air? What type of air filter does it have??

I have a G-Tech meter and if you are consistent in how you set it up and program it (car weight) you can get a lot of useful info with it. It would be able to show you a dynamic HP improvement if there was one.

I must have missed that Crank and Chrome show but what is an air bridge??

With an improvement as good as the RAM AIR seems to be, it would seem like we would need to improve the exhaust system to reap the total improvement. (AIR volume in AIR volume out theory)

PLEASE keep us informed on how it works and your over all opinion after its been in for a while!

Bill C
The air bridge goes from the air box to the throttle body , the plastic air tunnel with the Corvette emblem on it . 499.00 for the unit , I know that is alot , but I want the best . Thanks,
I will check back late next week
Thanks for the info 02 , we'll be waiting to hear their reply .

Maybe you need to put your computer in the re-learn mode. I read some where that after you install a significant mod you have to do something to the computer. Then again after you drive it enough it should adjust it self.
Maybe you can disconnect the battery and start fron scratch. Regardles, it should show SOME improvement. If you know someone with a Diacom you can look at the furl trim and knock retard to see if you have enough fuel or may be TOO much. The Diacom is the only real way to know for sure.

There is a fuel pressure re-curve kit that fits my 98. Dont know if an O2 needs one. It is used when you modify the air box. Without it the 97 & 98 ran rich. The fuel pressure is/was controlled off of the vacuum that the origional air box created! Anything that causes a vacuum on the intake side has to SUCK!:( The engineer that designed that should have had his A&& stomped !!! :bang

The point that I'm trying to make is, I'm sure it is probably something simple and easily fixed. Hope to see those 1/4 mile times vastly improve!!!!! ;)

Hope some of this helps. :D

Bill C
I spoke with Patrick from Vararam , he said that 0-60 times would be the same or a little quicker but not slower , 1/4 e.t. should be 4 tenth's lower and 4 mph faster . Patrick said do a new relearn and call him back , he than might want me to read my spark plugs to him to see whats up . He said if I was not happy he would buy the system back , I hope it does not come to that . I am in a new relearn right now and will try to have some new results this week end .
Thanks ,

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