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Rattling Brake



Has anyone else experienced the problem of brakes rattling? My 93 rattles and it is quite annoying......I have replaced the rotors in the front and the pads.... still I have the rattle...... Any suggestions?


Try putting on a new brake hardware kit. Its just really the anti rattle clips and the caliper pin but it worked on mine. Mine didnt even have the anti rattle clips on it when I bought it. It had just had a brake job and whoever did it didn't replace the clips.

Mine would rattle clunk and on occassion make clicking noises. It all went away with the new clips. I think it was about six bucks a wheel for the kit and easy to put on. Just pull the pin at the bottom of the caliper and lift out the bottom, stick the clips on the lower end of the brake pad backing plates and push them back in. Then replace the pin with the new one and your done.

When you replaced your pads were the clips there ?? Don't confuse them with the wear indicator clip on the pad which is rivited on and for a different purpose. These are kind of "U" shaped and just slip on the end of the backing plate.


have you checked the caliper supports, i broke both front ones and had a clunking noise from both corners when i went over bumps


They have a glue that can be applied to the back of the pad which should stop the rattle, but you may see it if your brakes are seen through the rims. I would look into the clips.


thanks all. I took it to a little tire shop and they fixed the problem by narrowing the brackett that holds the pads (I think thats what they said). There is no more rattle, or thumping and the labor was 40 bucks........


I think I have a bit of a different slant on this rattling thing. While it should have the clips on the pads and the pads should have the blue stuff on the back to stop the squeel, the rattling thing is probably caused by something else. Anytime I have ever applied the brakes with the wheel off I have noticed that the caliper squeezes the pad. When the brake is released the caliper does not retract. The tension is removed but the only way to get that caliper back away from the pad is to apply pressure in the opposide direction, like with a "C" clamp, etc. Therefore how is your caliper getting far enough from your pad to rattle? I think that may be the question you need to get answered.
And did you ever notice how difficult it is to install a new pad without pushing the caliper back in? (being careful to not overflow the master cylinder. :) )
I think if you have no clips they need to be installed but that may or may not resolve the issue.

Good luck with it............


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Apr 4, 2002
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I replaced the worn down pins. The rattles disappeared.
Good luck

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