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Hey all, I plan to install the new VB composite spring and KBY shocks this weekend. While I am at it, is there anything anyone can think of that I should attend to while I am under there? I plan to do the basic stuff like grease everything, but I thought that one of you might have a suggestion or two. Something that gets bad or goes bad that I should attend to at this time. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Did you go with the single or dual mount rear spring?

Check the play on the rear wheel bearings, and it is a good time to make sure the e-brake is clean and adjusted. If you really want to go for the gusto, go ahead and throw new u-joints in the back. I prefer the TRW/made in america brands that don't have grease fittings.
OK, odd situation here. Got the KYB's installed fine. However, the VB spring center bolts are too large. It needs 7/16 and it came with 1/2. I plan to buy 7/17 bolts tomorrow, but I'm a bit concerned about how tight it will all be. Being the bolt holes in the spring plate are for 1/2 bolts. Is my mounting plate different from everyone elses? Do any of you know what size bolt you plate uses?
They come setup for the Heavy duty Differential cover VB sells. I just put one on when I first got my spring. Good thing to as one of my bolts had pulled out of the sotck housing.
Be careful with the bolt length. The 2 rears usually aren't a problem, as they do not go into "blind" holes. The 2 fronts can be a problem with a bolt too long. You are putting it into a blind hole, and if the bolt is too long, you'll "crack" into the differential case and cause an annoying oil leak from the diff. Also be careful with the bolt lengths on the "camber adjusting" plate. Same deal here. Don't ask me how I know this. :) Chuck
The reason VB sells the heavy duty cover is because the dog earson the stock cover, are notorious for breaking off when installing a new spring...metal fatigue could account for that.. look for a procedure and sequence for torquing the bolts..Ive seen it described how to best do it but cant recall where right off..
I've never installed a composite spring, but with the conventional 7 and 9 leaf springs, you should not do the final spring bolt tightening till the car is on the ground with "weight" on the spring. Otherwise, you're fighting the spring arch. You're more prone to breaking an ear if you really "horse" on the bolts while the car is in the air. You'll hate yourself if you break an ear off. Chuck
Sorry for the late post, but I have AT&T cable internet at home (or rather I dont have it at home anymore). Anyhow, got the new bolts and put everything together and it worked out fine. Found out from VB that the later covers (77 and up) use smaller bolts than mine and that the rear cover had been changed out. Stance and ride are great (all-be-it a bit softer than the original). Now if I can get a sway bar for the rear I think I'll have it setup like I want. Thanks for all the input.
Hey Hijinx,
I've got the same set up on the 82. Installed the KYB's this week-end. I like the ride. The BFG rubber goes on tomorrow. That should keep the wife happy for a while.;)
Now back to the 85:dance

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