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Rear drum vibration


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Feb 9, 2001
Shreveport, LA
1981 silver/blue: two tone
When I am in reverse and put on the brakes, the rear drums vibrate/or make a terrible noise. I took the tire off and it appears that the drum is loose against the disk. Is there anyway to tighten this up? I had to remove the passanger side parking brake pads because a local shop bent them and couldn't adjust it. Only recently though has this disturbing noise occurred. What's up with this?

Loose is ok, the wheel lugnuts hold everything in correct position when they are tightened. It is important however to make certain that the torque on the lug nuts is equal so as not to distort the rotor. This is usually only a problem if the wheel has been put on with an impact gun and the guy is really winding em on. As to your noise, I would guess that it is likely to be your parking brake shoes dragging. Someting may have come apart inside and only interfers when backing. Make sure your drum is correctly positioned as well. Align the hole in the drum to the hole in the spindle assembly so you can reach through with a screw driver to adjust your parking brake shoes.
drums loose? the drums are the same as the rotor in the rear. if it's "loose" as you say and those lug nuts are tight, then you better look at your wheel bearings. if you can shake the wheel in and out while holding it at 12:00 and 6:00 then you have a problem.
Dale, I had some other folks try and fix my parking brake before we went to Bowling Green. They Screwed it up and when I returned to get them to fix it, they screwed it up again. Anyway, I have had the shoes removed for some time. The car was sitting for several weeks and when I backed it out, it started this problem. I will investigate.
Just in case anyone is wondering, I did find the noise/vibration problem. Apparently, when the guy was working on my parking brake, he stripped the bolt that holds the caliper on, (he retapped and replaced bolt). This particular bolt, was on the front and fell out. So'ooo I the caliper moved back when I was backing up and forward and snug otherwise. Tale complete, thanks for the help. Sometimes I go braindead and am too lazy to "look" and just call for help. No Wolf here!.
Glad you found it Jeff!! A little loctite on the threads and maybe you can get it to stay put.:w


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