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rear end noise in my 78



rear end nois in my 78

I have a 58 and 78 vette. I have to admit that my technical skills
at fixing them are very limited. I have a noise in the rear end of the 78. It gets loud after you let off the gas. There is also a bit
of clunking noise at crawl speeds. Any help would be appreciated.
email bill at b.reid@vettepics.com


I've got the same problem with my 78. on mine, the rear end is out of oil and has a leak on one of the side shaft seals. If you have a leak, it should be pretty obvious if you look under there and see a trail of oil coming out of the differential. Pray it's the front shaft. It's pretty easy to replace. and the part is about $5.00 and takes a few hours and cursing and griping to do. If it's the side shaft, I'm pretty sure you're going to have to yank the rear end to get it rebuilt. the side shafts don't come off like the front and you have to open up the case (which means you have to remove the rear suspension. Yuk!). Hope this helps


78 Silver Anniversary L48


Hi. Well I have the same problem. First off, it is probably not the differential. I was told that it was what was making the noise in mine so I replaced it. I wanted to go to a 3.55 from my original 3.08's anyways. The noise went away for about a month and then it was right back. I have been further instructed that it could be the rear wheel bearings. I am having them repaced in 2 weeks time. There is almost 80,000 km's on the car so I figure it is time to replace them. I put the differential additive in but that didn't make any difference. The right yoke has some play in it and that could be causing it. Check your yokes for movement in and out play. There shouldn't be very much at all.

That is it for my insight. I hope it gives you something to think about.

Scott :w


Hey Scott, let me know if that fixes the problem. I would LOVE to not have to replace the rear end on my vette right now. the only time mine does it is when the car has been run down the freeway and heats up. then at slower speeds, and in turns, it pops and cracks and basicly sounds like old bones creaking. And it's loud. I can also feel it in the car when it happens. Thanks :)



Hi Michael

"creaks and groans, sounding like old bones popping"

Unfortunately...that is what mine did.

The yokes were worn out. Before that, I was replacing u-joints like crazy. And tires. 4-6 alignments performed before the yokes were suggested to me from a 'second opinion' garage.

We replaced the rear end, yokes, u-joints and wheel bearings and everything has been fine for several years now. Cost was about $1400.00 for everything, the 'second opinion' shop doing all the work. First shop (multiple alignments) replacing my new rear tires after they'd been 'eaten' shortly after the last alignment.

Stand behind your vette, do the bottoms of your rear tires "sit out" noticeably further than the tops? Are the rear tires wearing excessively on the inside edge? It's the yokes.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, I know this is not what you wanted to hear.

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