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Rear ended - Need advice MI vette shops- Please read



Today was a bad, bad day. :cry :mad :cry While I was out driving, I was stopped for the person in front of me turning left when a truck plowed into me from behind at probably 30 mph and pushed into the car in front of me. :cry :mad :cry The damage is pretty ugly, but I don't know how bad is totalled with these cars. I have not been able to talk to the insurance company yet as this was only a few hours ago. The rear end is pretty toasted smashed up to the wheels and the front is not as bad but cracked up also and it no longer runs. Iam looking for advice dealing with agreed value insurance ( I have Haggerty) and also want to know if any Michigan people out there know of good places to do work and appraisals. I'm living in Ann Arbor. Any advice and sympathy is appreciated. Thanks. I am going to cry myself to sleep now.:cry
Commiseration is all I can offer Jimbo. :cry

Good luck.

Sorry to hear about the wreck Jim, but I hope you're okay! Can't help you out on the shop question but I can get you started on the insurance question. This link is for a previous thread on the same subject. Look for the posts by 69MyWay, he's a moderator here and also an insurance professional. You may want to give the SEARCH function a try to and look for posts on insurance as other members have suffered the same fate.

Good luck and, again, sorry about the Vette:(.
That's real bad new about your Corvette. Hope everything works out ok.

Taking it pretty easy

Sounds like your taking it pretty easy ,hope no one was injured yet,:r :r :r I,d be fit to be tied to cell wall,good luck,

Sorry to hear about this. Michigan has some crazy auto insurance laws, so I can't really give you any specific advice. What I can suggest is that you gather as much information as possible, try to work with all interested parties as much as possible and try to keep your anger in check.

Agreed value policies are a little different than your daily driver. The best thing for you to do is get out your policy and read it from cover to cover:puke :puke

Let me know if you have any question about the wording. Ask for everything in writing. This will give you the most mileage as some adjusters do things and handle things different than the policy is written, or the law allows. For example, they may say that all they owe is "book value" for the car. Ask to see that in writing. They won't be able to show you that (at least I think, but Michigan could be different).

Here is the good news. Most claims go smooth and everything turns out great. Just like the service industry in general, happy customers almost never say anything, while the few that are unhappy make all the complaints. So, I wish you luck.

Keep us posted.

Another mistake

Sorry jimbo and everyone ,didn,t mean to add fuel to the fire by installing the smily rocket,
Thanks for all the sympathy from everyone.
Tracey performance

Thanks Rob,
I found Tracey Performance with an internet search last night but have no feedback about them. I may have to look into them more.

Sorry to hear of your misfortune, I don't know of any places in Ann Arbor. If you were in Sterling Heights or Roseville areas I could send you to some primo places...my bro knows a guy in Sterling hgts that used to do all the concept cars for Dodge, his work is second to none.

Tracey Performance is anything but....don't waste one molecule of energy on them. They act like another "un-named vendor" although not as bad and not as much nastiness. I used to live near them, the place looks like a metal warehouse building/junkyard...it's not a speed shop. The place USED to be good and at one time they had a good reputation, back when they built real hot-rods right from the factory...not anymore. Last time I went there I couldn't get anyone to even acknowledge I existed until I walked out the door, then they guy asked if he could help me...I told him not any more.

Hope this saves you some trouble. Ask the local Vette club who the town fixer is.
Holy shhhh...er, stuff Ken! Those big red letter just blinded me. Been WAY, WAY, WAY to busy. I just started the CCNA certification course (Cisco routers) at school, this stuff isn't going to be easy either....and I already have brain damage from the previous 6 months of no sleep. Been sitting here at work doing my homework and just had to have a break...so had to come here, since I can't even remember the last time I actually drove the Vette. Hope all is well here, how's everyone doing these days?
I've been great. We've been wondering about you. ;)

I hope you make it through all ya gotta go through, but I'm sure it'll be worth it(?).

I see that you've been running out of bandwidth allottment at the SharkTank too, eh? :L

Take care Bro',

Scott, you're a gluton for punishment, I've heard some horror stories about the Cisco classes that make me glad I'm a programmer. But the, those network engineers keep getting the big bucks or so it seems.

Good luck man!

Vette shops

Hey Scott-

In case I can't find anyplace around Ann Arbor worthy to work on my car, why don't you let me know of good places up in the Sterling Heights area. IT might be worth it to go that far to get it done right. Thanks.

Ya, it's not easy that's for sure. I've been going to school full time since last April, this course is over this coming May. But the good news is that I did really good in the first half and so far I've gotten a 96, 100, 100 on my Cisco tests...I hope the rest go that well. On top of all that I work full time too....I must be Nucking Futs!


Let me give my brother a call this weekend and get some info for you, I'm down here in Flori-DUH. I'll email you direct as soon as I get something. Have you had any contact with the local club, or even any other gearheads, I bet there's a good shop in Ann Arbor somewhere...I know they have more there than an Art Fair and Hash Bash :D


Oops, almost forgot ya. Right now I'm about to tell bin Laden to pay Network Solutions a visit...biggest bunch of MORONS ever! I'm on the verge of just saying screw the web site. Glad you're well.
Jimbo- I,ve used JD"s in Flint. Some others I know have used them and were Happy with their work. Corvettes Incorporated in Pontiac are good. I used them this past spring. I'm real happy with their work but it was a custom job. Their address is 567 E. Walton BLVD> Pontiac, 48340, 248-373-6445. Sorry about your vette, that sucks.

I'm sooooo sorry to hear about this. We have a member of our local club that was toasted from behind in his cherry '60 last Tuesday. I'm glad you are okay . . . I hope they can make your
'vette okay, too.


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