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Question: Rear rotors


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Aug 28, 2008
Ok i am working on our 1995 vet brakes,
The rotors are biger in the front than the back.i am sure you all know that.
But now i would like to have the rear rotors the same as the front as far as size goes.
What can i do?
Can i keep the same calipers?
Do they make a bigger bracket for the rear caliper.
What size rotor can i get for the back and can i get it from a newer vet?
Thank you
Dan, I'm not sure if brakes from the Z06 or ZR-1 (C6) would fit and what mods might be necessary to make them fit. The majority of the braking is accomplished by the fronts, so those big rotors typically aren't required for a standard street driven vehicle. But if I were going to do that I'd probably contact Baer Brakes or Wilwood to get there recommendations.
Larger rotors would require different / bigger calipers, which would require re-adjusting the proportioning valve (if that's possible with a stock valve) otherwise the car would probably swap ends. Without BIG horsepower and a compulsion for track days, it would likely be cost prohibitive. Not something you'd want to do just for looks. Spending the $$ on a hot redhead to ride shotgun might be a much more gratifying investment!:_rock:chuckle
That red headed rideing shotgun is my wife and if you were to ask me she is hot in my eyes so i am sure its all good.
Thank you

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