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Rear sag



Been a long time(18 mo.s)but it's finally on the road - my gleaming "BMW" black '72.
The 385 crate engine was the sweetest part of the project - had to fix or modify everything else.
Looked behind the car and noticed the left rear corner is a full 1/2" lower than the right side. Hopefully I'll get it on the frame machine and check all the dimensions this Sat - the body mounts look okay and I reversed the leaf-spring but nothing changed.
The shocks are old and probably should be changed, but that alone wouldn't cause the prob. would it?
I added washers to the bolt supporting the leaf-spring for now.
Any suggestions? Thanks, Mark

Just a thought, but I would suspect the rubber bushings on the spring mounts and trailing arms as well as the shocks. Mines an 81 and they are toast. I'll be changing all of them next spring to polyurethane.
The frame machine will be of a great help here. You could have a problem in the front of the car making the back look wrong.

This is not going to be an exact determinant, but have you measured the difference in wheel well space from the top of the rear tire to the bottom of the fender lip?

How is your door gap?

If the door gap is okay, and the only problem is the side sag, putting washers on the long spring mounts may be just fine.

You may have a frame problem. Do you see any sign of collision repair? If they have to do any frame tweaking make sure that they loosen the body mounts first. Did you check both spring end bolts for length? I have heard of some aftermarket ones not being the correct length. Then again, even though your body mounts look ok it could be a cuminative effect of several of them flattening out. If the frame checks out you may need to get a body mount kit and spring cushions and see what happens. Remember, shock absorbers don't support weight. They just dampen motion. Your car should sit the same with the shocks removed as it does installed.


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