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Rear T-top tack?



Hello all,
Do they make a aftermarket t-top rack that mounts on the rear deck? Looking for something that basically
breaks down like one of the bicycle racks, so you can mount the t-tops on the dck lid when your cruising
around. I dont like the look of the one that looks like a luggage rack. Any leads or suggestions would be

Thanks Nutin
what year is your Car???? My 1982 has a rear roof carrier RPO V54 that is removable and folds up. Kinda looks like a ski rack when installed:cool
Ops ... Sorry its a 1986 chevy sprint.. Wait no wrong forum..
Would love to see that rack that folds up, it sounds like what I am looking for..

Its a 1980.

Richard :
The folding rack that i have was available for the 1980 (RPO V54)
it mounts to the back deck with recessed fasteners,
it is three pieces and the center piece folds up for storage. It was a pretty rare option (only approx 2000 in 1982). Will post a picture if i can figure out the scanner :r But I have know idea where you could get one!!:eyerole
I didn't know this

I didn't know there was a t-top carrier. This is a great idea.:D I sure wish we had one. If anyone does find out where to get one, please let me know.:) It sure would be good to had on trips when you need to get the toops on fast because of showers.:eek

yellow 81
Rear T-top rack?

I'd like one too, for my 82 CE but it would have to be removeable, but extremely stable. :) Do you think they make those? Trying to replace the T-tops for a CE is a bear! :( I've had a friend who cracked a top and couldn't find a NOM top. It would give us a lot more room inside with the tops on a rack. :s
Her 92.
The rear rack is very stable had my '82 well over a 100mph and have not lost one yet.:beer wish i had a scanner then i could show you a picture

T-top Rack

Sounds like something I might need Mike.. :) Also sounds like you drive about the way I do too. :beer

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