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rearend cover removal?



Hi` can anyone tell me if the crossmember that supports the rearendcover is removable. Ihave everything cleared but can`t get the cr/member to fall. It look`s like two bolts hold it but i think there is more to it? I`m talking about the the top cr/member. any help is app! Thanks sharky.
Bang, Bang, Bang.....

That's what it's going to get that rear crossmember to fall. If you're differential is out of the way, you'd think that it would come down. Yeah, right! Get a good pry bar and a hand held sledgehammer and get to work. Don't forget some eye protection. Try soaking some Liquid Wrench or other penetrant into the mounts to hopefully free them up. This is a procedure that involves muscle and not much else.--Bullitt

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