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Received my 95 Torch red Corvette Yesterday!



Got her in and i am VERY happy. It has a few minor cosmetic
issues but nothing i cant handle! Car is Awesome!
Had to put brakes on it right away though.... bummer
But overall i am extatic!
Looks like i may have found a new home on the web!
Great site and lots of friendly people!
Thanks for all your comments!

I do have a question
What temp does everyone elses 95 vette run ad ( after idiling through the local drive through) Mine reached 230 and the temp here is 45. Is this common?? Kinda took me by surprise.
If it is common what mods have you guys used to get your c4 cooler?
Thanks Again
Glad you got your new toy and are satisfied with it!

My 89 has the L98 so it is not a good comparison. I have a 160 degree thermostat installed and I would run about 160 to 175 while sitting. I also have the Hypertech II chip so my cooling fan comes on at 175 block coolant temperature.

I think your fan cutin point is around 235 to 240 so what you report sounds normal. Perhaps one of the other members can give you better information.

Radar :D
230 in 45 degree weather is a tad too high I think, you might want to check your cooling system.

It is not unusual for the late model Corvettes to run in the 220 degree area, but in warmer weather. I could be wrong and your thermostat is performing exactly as designed; the engines are designed to run hot. :confused

Good luck with your new baby. :upthumbs

_ken :w
Eyerock. Congrats on your new toy. My 96 always runs about 220 to 230. and I just did the flush thermastat refill thing. Id like to ring the guys neck that said dexcool is good for 10000 miles. what a joke.
Nice ride and CONGRATS:upthumbs
Like Radar I run the Stage II chip with 160 stat. In Florida it makes quite a difference. When I lived In CT. the 85 ran at the 200 to 220 mark all the time before going with the chip. They run hot.
Enjoy the ride:beer
congrats eyerock!

I'm on the il wisc border and i run 200-220 normally but am never really in traffic. I have had it go just over 230 before the fan kicked in while sitting in a drive through line once...it was right after i got it and it scared the @#$% out of me then. Later found out its to be expected with the stock thermostat.

Good Luck with the new toy
Congrats Eyerock!
Welcome to your new addiction:D Like everyone said, these cars are designed to run hot. With a lower thermostat and Power Programmer your '95 should run in the ballpark of 190-195

Hot vette

Yes, it's GREAT isn't it.
Mine normally runs about 215-240 in hot weather (80deg F). The guys are right about flushing the cooling system. It made a difference for me.
new vette

Great ride rock. My 88 ran to 228 until i changed to a 160 thermostat, had both fans kick on at 200 deg instead of 228. 175 is normal temp for me know unless I'm sitting traffic. I never run the air because the top is always down in summer. Enjoy your car and welcome CAC.

Got Mine wired for the fan never to stop and a 160 thermo mine runs about 170-190 depending on weather and If I yank the 160 and put a 195 in I sit around 210 220 On my L98

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