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Recommended book to show body joints



Does anyone have the 1968-1982 Body Repair Guides
part #s 40614 and 40615 offered by Corvette America. I just received their catalog in the mail. I am considering these books but wonder if they show where all the body joints are and how the car body was assembled.



I have the assembly manual for my 81. It shows the entire assembly from bumper to bumper including the interior. Have you looked for an assembly manual for your '74?

Sometimes books that cover more than one year or more than a couple of years are pretty generic and always seem to have an * with a note for what it is I'm trying to find.
I agree. I wouldn't be with out my AIM, only cost about $20 and it shows everything.
Where can you pick up an AIM for your car?
Eckler's, Mid-America, Corvette Central, Zip, etc. Most any of the Corvette parts vendors.

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