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Removing frt. suspension parts and bushings


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Dec 17, 2001
Eaton Rapids, Mich
!985 ,blue coupe, 4+3 Z51
Last night I pulled the right frt. control arms etc. off . What a b**ch getting the upper off whew! Now , What is the method used to remove the bushings on the upper arm ? It appears as though you push them out in one direction spotting the diff in the bushing retainer diameters.

My shop manual doesn't show a removal/replacement procedure for the bushings.


Oh no !!! I was counting on the Vette doctor...This means I have to go to a specialists. :( Might have to take them to a suspension shop. $$$:eek.
I think that's best

You might be able to drill the rubber and thrash with the pin & all ( 6 hours ) but the machine shop would probably laugh when you brought em back to press em back in.

Doing all mine on the 73 cost 80 bucks to press em all out and the new ones back in..

I'm surprised that GM doesn't list a procedure for this.. Might want to ask C4C5 about this or Bradsfordvett about it.

Thanks for the support. I 'm thinking it might take some kind of a jig to accomplish the task on the uppers ,kinda fragile. the lowers I believe are a little less fragile.
Ok I'll see if I cant shake the experts loose on this one.

CALLING ALL EXPERTS ....HELLLLLLOOOOO :D......(dang I sure am a smart a**!)
These are not fun. I used a press and a large can of WD40, a lot of patience, and
a new vocabulary of cuss words. Support around the bottom of the A frame bore with a piece of tubing or pipe the exact size. You have to be very careful not to damage anything. Press a little bit, spray, use a screwdriver to work the WD into the bushing. lt is painful, but if you take the car to a race track, you will notice a big difference in how stable it is in the corners.

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