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Removing Rear Rotors



;help I am currently removing the whole brake system. I have taken off all 4 calipars, and the 2 front rotors. My question is, how does one take the rear rotors off? They have already been drilled through, if that changes removal procedures.
It's likely that corrosion is bonding the rotor to the axle or the parking brake shoes are tight enough to keep the hub from slipping over them. Use a soft face hammer or a rubber mallet and give it a whack or two. There is nothing else holding it on once you have drilled out the rivets.
Also, make sure that your emergency brake is off, and, if the rotor was installed correctly, see if you can access the little star wheel that adjusts the parking brake shoes. Back off on the star wheel to move the shoes inward. This might help get the rotors off. Chuck
You need to back off the parking brake adjustment--not the p. brake cable adjustment but the brake shoe adjustment inside the brake rotor. Find the adjustment hole in the rotor hat, turn it so you can access the star wheel adjuster then use a medium straight blade screw driver to back off the shoe adjustment.

After you do that, if the disc still won't come off, liberally spray a good penetrant (such as Aero Kroil) around the part line of the center hole in the rotor and around all five wheel studs. You may need to let the penetrant work for a number of hours, even overnight. Once the penetrant has worked for a while, use the rubber mallet technique to get it off.

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