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Help! Replaced the E4ME


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Aug 30, 2007
1981 White Coupe
I replaced the E4ME carb last night with a rebuilt one i bought at international carburator. I have an issue when you get down on it the throttle wants to stick at around 3000rpm and you have to shut the key off to get it idle back down. Does anyone know if any adjustments that need to be done besides adjusting the idle? Also the check engine light is coming on again and giving me a m/c selinoid code 23 I think ( I had to ground the test terminal and use the check light method). I'm getting 11.7 volts at the selinoid. Any idea what i should to next?

P. Martin
There should be a trouble shooting page on code 23 in your service manual.
Have you checked if the solenoid stays on even when the ac is off?
The other thing that comes to mind is the choke. I think the idle screw, ac solenoid and choke are the only 3 thinks on your carb that alter your idle rpm (or primairy valves that lock into that position?)

Groeten Peter
Comercially rebuilt carbs are JUNK! They do stuff to them that pretty well assures endless problems.

Do you still have your original carb, or did you have to send it to them? If you still have it, PM me and we can talk about getting together and fixing it.

The choke is a simple fix possibility, you may not be coming off your fast idle cam. Is there 12 volts at the electric choke terminal? (I assume the wire is hooked up).

God bless, Sensei

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