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Resto advise needed



I am in the first stage of restoring my 70 coupe. I am photographing & taging all the parts. When the time comes for refinishing parts such as the fan blade, hood hardware, m/clyinder, and other paintible parts, what is the suggested way to go. Sand blast, paint & lacquer or electroplate or both depending on the part. I want her to look nice. Whats is your opinions?


I admire your patients and taking the time to photograph and catolog everything.. Years ago when I had a '67 restored, I also stamped Bd on any parts I took to be re-chromed or plated. I also told the plating place I'd put my intials on each part. I got a funny look from the guy, but I explained that with all the parts they do, I just wanted to be sure I got my "Original" parts back.

I would suggest checking into "Powder Coating" as many parts as possible and using chrome on items that will enhance the look but won't be stressed by heat. If you are restoring for NCRS judging, you may want to ask about making some of these paint changes.. "Brutus" from austr. has done a great job on his engine and engine compartment. I'll see if I can find the thread and post it here..

Enjoy and please keep us updated with your project,, with a few Photos too ;)

Edit: Click on Brutus to see some nice engine painting.

Detail tricks


I will tell you a little detail secret that I just love to use.

First of all, whenever possible use a metal etching primer for your small parts. You can buy it in a spray can at the local jobber auto paint source. It will allow for much better bonding of the paint material to bear surfaces.

Sandblasting is great, but I also get a lot of mileage out of a variety of wire wheel brushes on the drill motor. It is not so messy, works well on small parts, and does not risk the damage sandblasting can cause.

Okay, here is the trick. After you have primed the small parts, get a spray can of Builder's Cast Iron spray. It has a dark grey metalic color and simulates fresh cast iron. Follow that with several coats of clear spray. The final finish will amaze you. It is not as durable as powder coating, and should not be used in high wear areas. However, it will provide an awesome look to hinges, bolt heads, small brackets, suspension parts, etc.

Have fun.

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