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The way the weather has been, I'm starting to get pretty excited about making my '89 ready for the road. While I contemplate the wheel-n-tire situation, I am considering other mechanical service issues. I have not inspected the brakes (bought, drove 50mi., then to storage). 31,800 mi. on the car, on original GY's, muffs, tune up, ect. I therefore at this mi., expect to put pads on the car at the very least, should I completely replace the brake fluid? The car was always garaged and not driven hard that I can tell (older woman owned the car) but the calender age of the fluid bothers me, am I concerned when I shouldn't be? Based upon the same criteria should I repack the wheel bearings? A tune-up w/new wires and hot coil is a given, as is a trans. fluid/filter change. It's not the miles, but rather the age of the car and the fact that it was driven very little in the last 10 yrs.(God bless that lady, she was very nice and loved that car) that concern me. I will keep this car because I will never find one this clean, tight, and orig again for the $. By the way someone mentioned in another thread that whipped GY's ride like marbles, marbles are round , lets say rocks!
What color are the fluids?

Check em all out..
You can never change the fluids often enough!

But..if you don't do it.. get a good..or GREAT mechanic...


I personally think that the benefits really outweigh the costs in that situation.

Spend some money now, or spend a lot later. 31,800 is really not much for an 89'. I'd say you found a pretty good one and should have plenty of fun with it.
Vigman.....Bullwinkle........You're both correct. I guess I should start at the beginning w/the car + I'll sleep better and drive w/more confidence knowing these thing have been done. Bullwinkle, I'm in N.Y., up by the St. Lawrence River and found the car in Ohio, your neck of the woods. I have one heck of a road trip story to tell about bringing this car home (on a trailer). I'll tell it in the Lounge sometime. Corvettes are a passion and my adventures w/this car started shortly after writing her the check.......

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