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GS Diva

Nov 1, 2000
Conway, SC
2016 Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic Z06
Here's a question I haven't seen anywhere...has anyone tried to find "seat savers" for sport seats in a C4? I've looked in the usual Corvette catalogs but they all indicate they're not for sport seats which, of course, I have! I've thought about buying them anyway and doing a little alternations using my sewing machine, but if anyone has any other ideas, I'd appreciate hearing them! Thanks.
Good question...I've never noticed because I never had the sport seats. Good luck.....sorry I was of no use whatsoever:)
If you looking for good seat covers try "wet okole", they do make them for sport seats, I have a pair for the standards and there great. Made out of the same material as wet suits, and lots of color combinations, with corvette written across headrest or the emblem http://www.wetokole.com
My wife made some out towels for the sport seat in my 95.She sewed them so they slip over the back of seat with a flap that covers the seat bottom. Sewed a C4 emblem on them.They slip on and off real easy.When we get to a show just slip them off,fold and store behind the seat. Chuck
I have also have sport seats and had a hard time finding (affordable) covers. I ordered a set form http://www.autoseats.com (they were in Corvette Fever).

They are made out of Denim (choice of colors) and fit great. The are easy to put on and take off (on for every day use). And when dirty I just put them in the washer. I think they were around $100.00.
signature picture size...

Elaine and Dave, I don't know if you guys have seen this post:

Originally posted by Rob
Ok....here's the status on the signature size issue....since I've only gotten a handful of replies back....based upon the ideas of those that responded to me and my own personal ideas, I'll made a couple of decisions.

I'll be the first to admit that I love looking at Vette pictures and can never get enough of them. However, for those of you that aren't familiar with web design/development, pictures do slow a web site down. When you're on broadband, or accessing a T1 line, pictures are a moot point. The page/site will load extremely quick and they aren't a problem. Unfortunately, that's not the case for a lot of home internet users. So, in order to abide by the mission statement that I set up for the Corvette Action Center a long time ago: "To deliver Corvette news and information as quickly as possible", I propose the following:

...Since most of the members that replied, like the idea of being able to put a "Vette to a post/member", we'll allow one Vette picture in a signature. Now....take your thumb and press it against your monitor screen (just do it! :) ),
that is the average size your picture should be. A wee bit bigger is fine, but not much. I'm going to play around with some sizes so that I can come up with exact measurements for everyone to work by.

Thanks, Ken
I had not seen the post before and was not aware of it. Rare 81 bumped me on the pic size the other night. Things have been pretty busy out in the shop to get it fixed, so I quit using my sig until then.

Thanks for the heads up.


Those G Force belts make a nice installation. Wish I could put a cross bar in the '59.


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