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OEM Repacement Upper Leather Seat Covers?

Excitable Boy

Jun 27, 2019
So Cal
2013 Black on Black Coupe 2LT
As I understand it, for most of the C6's run, there was a lot of complaints that there was inadequate support in the seats for sporty driving, specifically the lateral seat bolsters. My searching seems to indicate that this was addressed in the 2012 & 2013 models. One of the few visible wear issues I have with my new to me 2LT 2013 Coupe is that the driver's side bolster is showing wear down to the fabric from ingress/egress (mostly getting in I'd guess) which seems to be caused by the enhanced bolsters. I like the feel of the seats overall, but the worn spot annoys me. I don't have any interest in aftermarket seats, but would like to simply replace the upper leather seat cover on the driver's side. Does anyone have any recommendations on OEM or upgrade leather seat covers?
I had Mid-America Motorworks seatcovers in my C5. They are still wearing well...(a buddy of mine bought the car from me 5 years ago, so I keep up with it). Just a thought.
I DD the 11 GS and can confirm that I wish I had your new style seats :boogie I like your years newer and better designed steering wheel as well.

Can't help with aftermarket seats, but here's what may be applicable for OEM in black (presuming with heater option) for pondering

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