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security box?



i recently picked up a 92 and it has a security box under the dash and i believe it is not working properly..not all wires are conected.. the name on the box is wistler.is there a way to check this or to buy a new one???
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Tell us more about this. Does the car have keyless entry? If so, it is factory or aftermarket? Is there any aftermarket alarm on the car at this time?

Did you buy it from a dealer? Most dealers will have the alarm system disabled or removed if it is an aftermarket.

You may be able to remove it all together. Here is the deal. Most alarm systems simply will break contact in otherwise direct power lines (like the starter wire or fuel pump). You will have to trace back the wires coming out of the alarm box to where they whacked and jumpered them into the factory harness. Cut out the aftermarket wires, and reconnect the factory wires.

You may have some wires that run all the way through the hing pillar into the driver door to control the keyless entry portion. It will be critical to follow them all the way through and snip them at the lock switch properly.

As far as getting the aftermarket hooked back up,.....I would not bother. Those are obsolete the moment they are sold. The chances of finding replacment parts, and or service assistance is slim.

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