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Selling my '70

Eric I will DELETE this post

We have a section called "Glassified" Please post your '70 for sale there.

I will delete this post in about an hour..
Actually Bud, it's ok. He does have it posted in the Glassifieds section and I don't have a problem if someone wants to let other members know that their Vette is for sale and it is posted in the Glassifieds for more details.

This lets others know that we have a Classifieds section here on the site.

It looks like a nice ride. Love the color combo. Right off hand, id say that for a base engine 1970 with non original trans, your price might be a tad high. 1970 BB's are selling for the same price up my way in #2 condition. You may want to check Corvette Fever Mag. ... they published current market prices not too long ago.

June 2000 issue says : $12325 for good cond. (coupe) and $16600 (conv).

Good luck. Im sure you will enjoy your C5 just as much.

Aug 2001 Corvette Fever

In the August 2001 edition of Corvette Fever, here are the values for a 1970 convertible:
Fair= $11,600
Good= $17850
Excellent= $27,675

They show an 8% increase in value over the 2000 prices for the 1970 convertibes.

I believe that the mine is better than "good" but it is not "excellent".

I am not firm in my price...however if anyone comes by who is interested, I would gladly let them take it to be proffesionally appraised, and would be willing to sell it for that price, as long as it was an appraisal that was fair, and reputable.
"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star..."

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If you recall Eric, when I still frequented the other place, I sent you a message (or signed your guestbook?), drooling about your '70. :Silly It'd certainly go well alongside of mine! :upthumbs
R U Interested???

So are you interested in putting it next to yours?
Whatsamatter Eric? What part of "wish" didn't you understand? :L


That is a pretty good and fair way of doing it, by having a professional appraiser look at - fair for you and the buyer.

I had a 1970 Conv. base engine which i bought in 1984 for $7000 . IT was in fair to good condition . Had it for 2 years then sold it for $7050 . I think i let it go too cheapily. Loved the convertible. If i could find someone who converts T Tops to a convertible professionally, id probably have it done to mine now.

Good luck, Dave.

I paid 16,500 for my 71 conv. 14 months ago. It's a bone stock matching #s L-48 and I don't just mean the engine, all of the numbers match except the intake manifold. The paint is incredible and it runs smooth as silk and the frame is absolutely rust free. I've seen ones that are nowhere near as nice for asking prices in excess of 20K - don't know what they sold for but I know that I've seen several jaws hit the floor when I tell them what I paid for mine. I believe for every Vette there is a buyer and somewhere there's one that one's a car EXACTLY like yours. The higher the price the harder that person may be to find but if you've got the time, that person will find your car.

BTW - a guy down the road from me sold his fully restored 72 LT-1 to buy a C5. He said that although the C5 is the best car he's ever driven, he wishes he had never done it.

Best of luck and enjoy the C5!

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