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September 2007: The Ever-Changing World of Internet Business and Car Forums

I belong to several forums too, and they all have their own personalities that attract a certain kind of member. CAC is the one for "normal" people. The others - maybe not so much. Warning! I use the ME model for normal, so make your own conclusions.
Thank you for the insight and info. What an eyeopener for me. I joined one other forum and actually was quite shocked by some of the verbal exchanges going on. I will become a supporting member today. Keep up the tremendous job that you are doing. Regards, Bob
Thanks ...

To say I don't post much would be an understatement ... but since I found CAC some time ago, I regularly check the techcenter, model center, and knowledgebase when I want specific information, and I am forever referring folks from "other Corvette forums" to CAC for information ...
Thanks for what you do ... I'll check out the supporting membership link and see if I can pony up a bit for you to continue ... mebbe if enough do you can quit your day job!:upthumbs
DennyM (same on Z06 Forum)
MungoZ06 on CF
Fantastic Site

Fantastic site with great people...One of the best !:beer
Rob. I think you are doing a good job with the cac. yes i visit the orther sites but the cac is the only one i support, thanks:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)Billy
Director's message

Well-spoken. Keep doing the CAC your way.
rob as a new member I have never seen such commitent to a forum as you seem to put in this fine one as it is. I commend you for a job well done and hope you keep up the good stuff. Godspeed my friend

As always move forward, I find CAC the best place to use/ find info needed! Regards j Mckee, 81 and 99
Rob: Although new to CAC I quickly realized its purpose in my eyes. To accurately inform, to allow others to get informed and to let us know when our infromation is not right (otherwise help) I certainly appreciate your devotion and readily agree that there must be some guidelines (rules) otherwise chaos.Thanks for letting me be a part of CAC!!!
Honesty, integrity. Thank goodness there is a place on the web(or anywhere else for that matter) that still values those over $. Still the best Vette site with the most honest and friendly members on the planet. Keep up the GREAT work Rob.
Always loved the 93' Ruby reds. Sweet ride. Save the wave! Regards, J, McKee
HI there,
While I can relate to alot of what was said here, the facts hold true.
Internet is big business.
Facts are sometimes in short supply for the sake of other things.
I, personally, got my start here a long time ago, and for that I will always be greatful.
Allthebest, c4c5

Great job running the site. I don't suggest that you change anything. There is definitely too much BS out there on some of the other sites - probably one of the reasons that I never registered for the CF.
Rob, I belong to the Honda Ridgeline forum and Mercedes SL550 forum. The CAC is by far the nicest of the three. Keep it the way it is. Thanks.
Hey Rob,, even though you have changed a couple of my words in posts, I think CAC is a fantastic web site. thank you letting me share in it. When I get a job again, I'll sure be happy to contribute to the site funding again..
Hey Rob,, even though you have changed a couple of my words in posts, I think CAC is a fantastic web site. thank you letting me share in it. When I get a job again, I'll sure be happy to contribute to the site funding again..
I have? :eek:hnoes

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I ever edited someone's post unless it was someone that joined the forums and it was someone who joined just to spam their business.
The best part of the CAC is that is full of Corvette information and low on the"bull". I spend more time on the CF but I think a lot of that time is spent wandering through the "junk" to get to the facts. Sometimes the "junk" is fun (yes, I occasionally add to the "junk") but most of the time it's just a hinderance to the information I'm seeking. There are less posts here but I know when I come to the CAC I will quickly get to quality Corvette information I seek. :cool
Keep up the good work Rob. All one has to do is spend some time at the other forums to really appreciate this one.

Don't change a thing!

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