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Serial Question


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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Ok everytime I look on the internet about my car the optiion list keeps hinting that my car MAY be a Z51 how do I look for that probably all parts have been replaced but for resale and bragging rights Id sure like to know:W:
~ RPO Z51 included B4P, FG3, KC4, V01, 16x9.5-inch wheels, heavy-duty suspension, fast steering ratio. Coupes and manual transmissions only.

Does that help any, BigRed?

Okay thats what I mean my car handles WAY harder than my Dad's did (he had a 84) But I also realize that having 9.5's on the front will tend to do that

AND mines a coupe AND mines a manual AND I bought it with aftermarket...16' wheels

I really need to know if theres a serial # way of figuring this thing out but I sure appreciate the help ken

(By the way I don't fully understand B4P FG3 KC4 and V01 are those serial Id's?)

Not sure how the set up is on an '85, but on a '96 the RPO #'s are listed under the "storage box" lid (in the cargo deck area). Also, the build sheet should be up above the gas tank.
Hope this helps.
Z51 or Z52


You can tell the type of suspension by your steering wheel turns.
Z51 is 2 or 2 1/4 complete turns of the steering wheel. the Z52 is 2 3/4 complete turns. This should help you some in determining what you've got.

:w Good Luck!

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