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serpentine finished


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Nov 1, 2001
southern california
1982 convertible (not factory) stock 350cfi auto

I can tell you it was definately a time consuming task to adapt the 89 camaro serpentine system to my 82 vette, also to eliminate the use of electric cooling fans I had to do the UNTHINKABLE get some tissue out ... I had to use a ford mustang reverse rotation fan on it, it's a 8 blade fan and seems to pull alot of air so cooling shouldn't be a problem, I used the stock vette shroud with integrated electric fan, only problems I ran into with adapting it was the smog pump, it hits the passenger upper a-arm bolt and the stock 6 inch pulley for the pump is to large, a little grinding on the smog pump cures this problem as for the pulley find a 83 mustang with a V-8 its 4 3/4 inch pulley fits the GM pump perfectly and gives the lower radiator hose plenty of clearance, I used a 89 camaro water pump, alternator, power steering pump, a/c compressor, I also used a underdrive crank pulley to give me clearance near the front crossmember.

how does it work .... way better than the V-belt setup is all I
can say, has absolutly no belt squeeks, motor seems to get rpm's quiker, and the newer style alternator electrically speaking seems to make everything work better

total cost for everything was about 175.00, best of all I wont have to spend hours changing or tightening belts anymore, guess this vette is about as moded out as much as my69's

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