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short throw shifter, who has one?



Hello to you all,

Who has a hurst shifter for his six-speed zf gearbox? And what you think about it?

Are there other options?


I'll have to get back with you on this because I'm putting the hurst in my car next month:)

I have read that Hurst is the best option, but I'am not sure yet. I'll wait for you.

I am thinking about getting a Hurst for my 94....does anyone know if the tranny has to be removed for the install???

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Black94 said:
... know if the tranny has to be removed for the install???

No Hug, the transmission does not have to be removed for the installation of the short-throw shifter. ;)
I have the Kurt White right now, but I am switching to the Hurst in March, when I do the clutch.

Here is a review by the Designer of the Hurst shifter
Installed a Hurst and love it. Only took a couple of hours. I suggest that you remove the exhaust as instructed, would be pain to do it without removal.
I have both the kurt white and the hurst shifter. both have advantages. the kurt white has much shorter throws, and retains the factory reverse lock out ring as it's really just a modification of the shifter throws (two alum ovals modify the pivot point).

the hurst shifter is a new shifter, and is very smooth, about 50 cheaper and I like it for street use a bit better.

installation for both is similar, with the hurst being a bit easier, getting to the bolts is kinda a PITA, and dropping the exh is needed as is taking out all the interior trim, but a good mechanic can do it in a few hours.

I have done 2 hursts, and really like them. the "feel" is close to stock with very positive feel and short throw without being notchy.

I highly recommend both products, they work well!!!
Thanks, Guys... I appreciate your responses. The only reason I asked about removing the trans is because I saw that as an answer to a question in one of the recent Vette type magazines (don't remember which one). It surprised me, but I'm new to the C4 world, and thought I'd ask. Jeff, thanks for that interesting article... looks like Hurst is the way to go. As soon as I can scrape up the extra cash, I'll probably go for it.
I'd considered the B & M until I read the article threaded earlier in these posts...the Hurst goes in next week with some other goodies and I'll let you know...I just put Magnaflows on and it finally sounds like a Corvette should..

I just put the Hurst in 2 days ago and though the install was a PITA, I feel it was worth it. The shift feel is more direct, the lever is ~ 1.5" shorter and the throws are about 30% shorter. I'm loving it.
The Hurst...oh my god, the Hurst.....like buttah to shift, positive engagement in each gear...no worry that reverse isn't in....wonderful....As you can tell I like it!

Sounds good! I've read only good things about the shifter, and will install it this Spring (I'll need an edge if I'm gonna beat my kid's '87 Mustang GT at the strip). Removing the left exhaust sounds like the biggest nuisance. What, exactly did you guys do about that? I'll have the Vette up on four jack stands (not a lift), and struggling with exhaust systems is not one of my favorite things. How'd you do it? How long did it take (how many beers)?
Done at a Vette shop here in LA and it was up on a lift...about 2 1/2 hours mainly piddily stuff, console, exhaust...much easier on the old Borg Warners....;)
Ok, so now that I've decided to go ahead with the Hurst, anyone have a good cheap source. My limited research shows Jeg's and Summit both at $130. I don't see it in any of the Vette catalogs. I like Jeg's... great service, and technical help any time you need it, but I hate to rush into a purchase before exhausting other possibilities.
Eckler's has it for $199.00 I believe...that's for the all C 4s...but the B & M is $249.00.It's over $300.00 for the early C 3s.....You get what you pay for and both of those are high quality...You can go up on the Hurst site, but it won't be any cheaper...a lot of grunt work to put it in, but a lot of smiles when you do...:Steer

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