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Show off your C6's!!

:w My silver bullet :happyanim:


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Silver Bullet

Very nice, what is your horsepower with that SC? I didn't think they had trees in OK.:)

If you want trees, you have to plant them yourself & water (ha ha). Last time car was dynoed it was 580rwhp/520 rwqt. Still trying to get power to ground, but having lots of fun


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Watch out for tornadoes and cops. :)
Watch out for tornadoes and cops. :)

Enid has 50k population with city police, county sheriffs, okla bureau of investigation & OHP troop station thats 1/2 mile from my house. Its hard to have much fun, but I try. What's a tornado ? :mad:mad
Here's mine taken yesterday after washing it from a day at the track


SubVet - you have a beautiful car. :w
SubVet - you have a beautiful car. :w
Thanks. That was at the seller's place. I flew up there to look at it and it was perfect. He had every possible record and Museum delivery and all those goodies. Plus a really a couple of nice GM Corvette Car Covers. Got it home with the other American Icon


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