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Question: Sidelight installation problem


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Sep 3, 2020
Kirkland, WA
Velocity Yellow 2007 Convertible
I purchased Vette Sidelights for my 07 Base Convertible. I replaced the red rear with black LED’s but they don’t seat completely. Specifically the rear clip on the light doesn’t snap over the body. The front clip snaps into place so the light is held in place but the rear clip does not so the back part of the light is loose. I am able to get the light to seat all the way into place but the clip doesn’t click onto the body. I had both hands working the problem, one on the outside and one on the inside.

I compared the rear clip to the clip on the light I am replacing and the original clip looks as if it has a slight bend to it, which the clip on the new light does not. . Also the clearance from the back of the light to the part of the clip that should clip over the body is less on the replacement light. (see attached photos)
I should mention that Cole, the owner of Vette lights, has been very responsive to my emails and has said I can return them for credit. Has anyone else had this problem and figured out how to solve it.

Also, I am considering just leaving them in place as it doesn’t appear they will fall out but I am concerned the water can get in behind the body during washing the car and cause problems like mold and/or shorting out the light circuit. Thanks for any advice.
installation problem

Forgot to attach photos


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I merged the two threads into one to make everything flow.
Looks like the bends in your OEM clips are stress bends (notice the lightened area at the bend), that is to say, the clips were originally straight but bent over time due to their "locking" action. If they were mine I'd just send them back. That's my take anyway.

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